I have been thinking about something worthwhile to write about lately… There are a lot of things clouding my thoughts but I have two top picks – college and work.

First off – let’s talk about college.

It has been four years since I walked out of the university and the feelings have not changed one bit – I still miss it. I miss a lot of things about UP. It’s not just the place but also the experiences. Needless to say, a lot of “life-changing” moments happened there. Well, it was life-changing for me back then. Now that I’m a bit more matured, I realize that the things I worried about then were not really the biggies in real life.

Anyway, that’s not the point of this blog.

Nowadays, when I think about college, I feel regret. I wish I followed what my heart told me when I was in first year – SHIFT! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my course. I didn’t regret taking Speech Comm and meeting charming people who have become my closest friends. But if I had the chance, I would have taken an entirely different course. I wish I had taken up Psychology instead.

Another regret would be not taking my course seriously. I don’t want to say that Speech is no good. It’s one good course, actually. It’s just sad that they weren’t able to maximize the curriculum. There are a lot of opportunities. Speech Comm has a lot of branches, and I don’t see the point of taking Speech 100 where we were given all the sub-fields of Speech Comm. The reason I stayed in the program was the hope that we will be given a chance to choose one field to major in.

If that happened, what field would I have chosen? Hmm. Interpersonal comm, group comm, political comm, intercultural comm, and a lot more. Sadly, almost all our majors were just mere overviews of what the field is all about.

I took up Rhetoric, Argumentation and Debate, and Parliamentary Procedures. These three courses are under one field – Political Communication. Kulang pa para maging major.

The courses I took were all a mishmash of fields. We didn’t have a choice, there were just not much majors to choose from.

That’s why I feel bad about not shifting to a different course. Maybe, just maybe, I would’ve used whatever skills I have to better use. 


Next topic….


Let me just say two words – it’s disappointing.


Regrets. Damn regrets.

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