perpetual hunger.

I've been having bouts of what seems to be perpetual hunger since last week. I really don't know why. Maybe I need to get started with running again. Gaaaaah.

Today has been really crazy for me - got home at around 8:30am, slept until 11ish, went to BPI to deposit my initial payment for my new place, then HSBC to pay my bill, and finally at the office a few minutes before 1:00pm for Web Development Training. I was running on low when I got to the office and I didn't have time to grab something decent to eat.. I settled with Magic Flakes and Butter Coconut biscuits. I thought I would have enough time time and energy to eat but when I got home a little before 5:00pm and went straight to bed and woke up around 8:00pm to prepare for work.

Now.. I'm at work and I'm just so sleepy. Since I was so hungry earlier, I had some sandwiches delivered from The Sandwich Guy.

Ultimate Roast Beef for Php 100.00!

 Sandwiches, burgers, fries, and pizza are my top comfort / to-go food.

What's yours?

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