chocolate cookie surprise.

Since I started baking, I have taken e-newsletter subscriptions to a whole new level. I've subscribed to every cooking/baking website that has become my daily favorite. Sometime ago, I have subscribed to Martha Stewart's Cookie of the Day but I haven't tried any of her recipes yet. A lot of the blogs I've come across have confessed a love-hate relationship with MS and I was quite unsure about her recipes - some say they're awesome, others say they're a disappointment. I guess all recipes are like that no matter who made it. I don't really know where the disconnect lies; it could be the transcription of the recipe itself (a few hits and misses in the measurement or the procedure) or it could be the actual baking process. I can't really tell. For most of the recipes I've tried, I know that I always follow the recipe to a T.. Uhm, okay. Sometimes I get too lazy to measure each and every ingredient and place it in its own saucer or bowl. I do measure everything as directed but what I normally do is dump all dry ingredients in one mixing bowl (cos that's how most recipes go!). I'm more careful with the wet ingredients though. ;)

Anywaaaaay, that's too long for an introduction, eh? Today marked my very first Martha Stewart adaptation, and I couldn't be any happier. Again, I'm not sure if I was just lucky or I just stumbled into a great recipe. What did I make? Chocolate Cookie Surprise! Is it a coincidence or what? All I can say is that the cookies were indeed a surprise. :)

Here's how it looked from the Cookie of the Day Newsletter:

From Martha Stewart

Mine didn't look as perfect as the one in the photo, though. I frosted the whole cookie! Hahahaha.

Before frosting.

Before and After.

These cookies remind me of Choco Mallows, only with a smaller marshmallow.

My verdict? YUMMMM-O! :)

** Side notes:

- I really should start learning how to take good photos... Even without a good camera.
- And I really should start investing in good china and other ornamental stuff like linens, tableware, etc.
- Sometimes my photos are just so.. unworthy to be posted. Hahaha.

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