photo project | 10: Buttercream and more.


Tried my hand at making buttercream frosting. Because I am kind of ambitious, I stayed away from American Buttercream and went for Swiss Meringue Buttercream. It took some time before I reached the right consistency. It looks lovely, right?

Yes, it does. The only hitch is that it becomes runny after staying for some time in room temperature. It doesn’t hold too well in warm weather. Oh gosh, how would this work for me if I live in the tropics? I’m going to use this for the cupcakes my friend ordered for tomorrow and my only concern is that if I’ll be able to frost all 30 cupcakes without the buttercream turning soupy. Argh. I guess I’ll know tomorrow.

Another set of photos.


This is what went with my “baon” for tonight – Spaghetti and Meatballs courtesy of Rachael Ray’s recipe on Food Network. These meat balls were deep fried and then baked to get that nice crust. Yum.


Hooray! I finally got myself a candy thermometer! Used this to check the temperature of my Swiss meringue buttercream earlier. I bet this is going to be one useful gadget for my baking endeavors. I can’t wait to make my  own homemade marshmallow creme!


  1. nice job on your blog! cute stories and and I bet yummy recipes

    1. Thank you, Arah! :)

      Keep on visiting :D