photo project | 09: Snippets.

Snippets of our team’s Memorial Day Weekend… These photos are from the last leg of our trip, the rest of the photos in Bolinao are already saved in my laptop (yeah, I’m doing this at work. Hee.)

As part of our plan, we headed to our family’s resort after leaving Bolinao. We planned to have a rather heavy lunch before heading back to the metro. Heavy, indeed, it was. I shall post the food photos tomorrow. For a group of five, we had crispy pata, 2 orders of grilled dinorado in lemon butter sauce, dinengdeng, and a plate-full of very ripe mangoes. And not to forget, 10 cups of rice. Whew!
Freshly brewed coffee.

I learned to swim in this pool.


Another view.
The somewhat well-stocked bar. My fave hangout place when I was a teenager.
The main dining hall entrance.

Lush greenery. No trees were cut down while the whole resort was being built. That cottage over there? We called that home for a year or two.

Lolo Pacio, our own hero. He was among those who toiled during the Japanese times. He walked the Death March. We never found his body.
Mama Loleng, our family’s matriarch. The resort was built in her memory.

The first generation.

From left to right: Lolo Kuga (+), the youngest among the brood of five; Lola Lita, the current manager and president of the corporation; Mama Li (+), my lovely grandmother and the eldest; Lola Aida, she remains happily single until now; and Lolo Totoy/Boni (+), the lawyer in the family.
I’ll be back soon. I promise. ;)


Just a few minutes after entering Moncada, Tarlac, one of our tires burst.


Very badly bruised, but we were on the road again after 56 minutes.


There were too many insects along NLEX, they hit the windshield, hood, and all other parts..


We didn’t mean to kill you, poor thing.

I can’t wait to go on another road trip! Fourth of July and Thanksgiving, please come sooner!

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