photo project | 08: Fresh from Bacolod!

No, I didn’t go to Bacolod recently. How I wish I did, though. A workmate’s relative just flew in from Bacolod and I asked her to buy a box of Napoleones for me. Last week, she had her sister buy two packs of cheese tart. Oh my, I might get used to this.

Pendy’s is one of the pasalubong havens in Bacolod. The other the are Merci, Virgie’s and Bongbong’s. (And yes, they’re all first names.. Probably of the owners?) They make or sell the province’s specialties like butterscotch bars, piaya, napoleones, muscovado, caramel tarts, cheese tarts, to name a few.

Napoleones is very much similar to cream puffs, except that it’s not puff pastry. I think it’s made of pastry sheet and pastry cream, The cream is similar to a light custard filling or lemon curd, I am not really very sure. It is sandwiched in two pastry sheets and the whole thing is topped with sugar glaze.

As with anything sweet and tasty, I was in heaven in half a bite. Seriously.

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