Dear Blog,

I know how you must be feeling right now.


I know exactly how that feels. Been there, done that, I should say. But let me explain why I haven’t been around lately…

I just don’t have anything new to post. I’ve been swamped with requests to bake stuff I’ve already posted here, so it’s not worth posting. I must admit, I’ve stumbled upon new techniques, but then it’s not so much of a “Eureka!” moment, you see.

Hmm, inspiration has spiraled down the drain, I didn’t have enough creative juices to squeeze cos I’ve been missing precious hours of sleep.

Last week was just crazy.

But don’t you fret, I’ll make it up to you. I always do, right?

For now, I’ll let you in on what I’m planning to experiment with in the next few weeks, hopefully, they’re worth writing about:

- Pancit Bato

- Chocolate Charms

- Individual Cheesecakes with Blueberry Compote

- Bow-tie “Lasagna”

Just a few of them.. I hope I’ll get around do doing them one of these days.

So till my next entry, who knows, it might be tomorrow. Oh wait, no, I can’t – I have a full 13-hrs at work. Maybe sometime this week. We’ll see.

You know I love you. ;)

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