photo project | 15: Chocolate Love.

I baked some chocolate cupcakes today. It's one of those days that I wanted to try out a "new" recipe, but time isn't a luxury I have. Well, that didn't stop me. I went on with the experiment, only to be disappointed after an hour. It just wasn't right up my alley. 

No, it wasn't a total disaster. It just didn't taste good for me. :|

I won't tell you what recipe I tried. It had some very great reviews, even my Mom vouched for it. It just didn't work for me.

Maybe it wasn't really the right time to make them. Now, I don't know what to do with a 10 cupcakes.

I might just give them to that old man living at the corner of our street.

Anyway, since that chocolate cupcake didn't satisfy my craving, I brought a chocolate bar to work today. I got it from Binondo last Sunday when my cousins and I went on a crazy food trip (more on that soon...). I got it at a very cheap price of Php 21.50 (approx $0.50).

I admit, the packaging intrigued me, so much that I got two bars. I wasn't really expecting too much from it, but after eating one square, I was hooked.

It definitely didn't taste cheap. While it isn't very chocolate-y, it was still good for something that costs 20 bucks.

I'm down to half a bar -- even my workmates loved it, and I can't wait to go back to Binondo to hoard more. Hahaha.

Anyway, I found out that Elvan isn't really a cheap brand of chocolates. It actually came from Istanbul, Turkey and they've got loads of chocolate products. Check out their website, I assure you, you'll be amazed.

I hope I can find more of their chocolate loot at the grocery store in Binondo. I can't wait to try their Truffle, Coffex, and Caramelli line.

And on to a different chocolate brand... I am totally diggin' this, too:

What are they?

Reese's Pieces!


  1. Aww... that's too bad, but that's okay, try and try until you find the best recipe :) And I do hope you share it with me :)

    I love that chocolate bar! It has hazel flavor, isn't it?

  2. Yeah, baking is a continuous search for the best. LOL. Don't worry, I will definitely share it with you! :D

    Yup, hazelnut flavor. :) I love love love it! I am definitely going to hoard more of these when I chance upon them. :)))

  3. They it in Landmark Makati so I'm pretty sure they have it in Landmark QC :D

  4. Cooool! I might have not paid attention lang. Hahaha.

    Thanks! Does it cost as cheap din? Hahah.