a blank canvas.

After the successful baking feat over the weekend, I now find myself with an almost bare baking list. Sure, I still have a few recipes I want to try but there’s none that make me want to leave whatever I’m doing and bake without a care in the world. Most of the [non-work] time I spend online is used up by searching for a good frosting recipe that could withstand humidity. If you can only imagine how ruthless Manila heat is, you’d want to bury yourself in a lot of snow until you’re frosted. I’m not kidding. The weather officials have reported that it’s officially the start of the rainy season, but where’s the rain? There are bits and pieces, sure, but they don’t last long and when they’re gone it’s hotter than ever.

manila weatherThe forecast says it’s going to rain, but look how hot and humid it can be today!

And because most of the recipes I find are of western origin, it’s too hard to find THE ONE. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack. And so the search ensues. When will this end?

I guess baking is really like that. Everything evolves. A baker can never be satisfied with the recipes they have on hand, they are on an endless search for the best [insert name of dessert here]. I am one of those bakers. I have never stopped searching. I have yet to find the best chocolate chip cookie, best chocolate cupcake, frostings, technique, best of everything. I have a few keepers in my book, there’s my Mom’s carrot cake recipe [which I have yet to post], Joy of Baking’s Chocolate Banana Cupcake, my Rich Chocolate Frosting, my very own Oreo-Graham Marshmallow Cupcakes, and Macaroons. I already have near-perfect Devil’s Food Cupcake, Chocolate Brownies, Yellow Custard Cupcake, and Vanilla Cupcake recipes and even a to-die-for Chocolate Cupcake [for me at least!], but I’m still convincing myself.

When I think of it now, I think I’ve come a long way from my burnt cake days and chocolate revel bars failures. Of course, I also have my share of little successes – the best Butterscotch Bars I can ever make and a hand-me-down Cheese Squares recipe from my Mom. They’re my go-to recipes if I need something quick and fail-proof.

More than anything, I’d like to think that baking and cooking is a continuous journey. It never ends. After all, I can only be as good as my last recipe.

 Photo courtesy of Google Images.

And with that being said, my baking list will always be full but the baker and cook [I don’t have the guts to say, uh, write chef] in me will always be a blank canvas – always ready for that “Eureka!” or “Oh no, I did not!” moment.

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