effects of tweeting.

 This is what Twitter does to me. I can no longer write a decent blog entry cos I tend to post pictures more that I write "cohesive" sentences. Hah, I hope I get over this soon.

Anyhoo, here are some snippets, yet again, of what I've been up to since Saturday...

heavy breakfast for a busy day. all made/cooked by yours truly!
chocolate cupcakes. two dozen of 'em.
half of them were frosted with chocolate ganache.
another half with cream cheese. yummm.

 The real challenge for the past few days was packing up stuff and moving them to my new apartment. Organizing them was another issue, BUT I'm glad it's almost done!

barely done.
yes, that's all mine. haha.
I had to sleep on a banig for two nights...
we're almost there, I can see the light!

I'm done organizing most of my stuff and the place looks like home, but I still have a few abubot that I have to fix. But I'm glad it's over.

More photos to follow! :)

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