photo project | 16: Paradise.

I recently came from a four-day weekend. Wait, let me edit that... A very relaxing four-day weekend.

How did I spend it?

Not at home, this time. I went to an island somewhere in the country. Hee, sorry, but I can't tell you just yet where it is. Let this be a game of some sort. I'll let you know at the end of the month. ;)

While the travel time is a bit long, and the number of transfers many, it was definitely worth it.

Imagine waking up to these majestic scenes every morning:

Wouldn't you love to live like this? I would. If only money and resources wouldn't matter.

A few more photos to tease you - all of these are within the resort's vicinity. All you need to do is walk a few meters. Paradise is literally within your reach.

Very relaxing, indeed. 

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