red velvet brownie pops.

I remember telling my work friends that I’ll never attempt to make brownie/cake pops EVER.


Cos I think it’s too time consuming. Too tasking.

You know me, patience is never in my vocabulary. I don’t even know what made me pursue baking.

But then, the tides have changed. After making red velvet brownies three times this week, I wanted to break the monotony.

Since I’ve baked red velvet brownies (again!) last night, I’ve cut half of the baked brownie into squares and then the other half I crumbled into pieces.

That was the start of my brownie pop adventure.

I tell you, it is easy. Really easy. It’s just too time consuming.

But it’s very rewarding.

I swear. You gotta try one. I got the recipe from Bakerella and The Kitchn.

I used my red velvet brownies and the “best frosting ever” for the pops then white chocolate ganache for the dip. Since I didn’t have lollipop sticks on stock, I used skewers instead. Hahaha.

I have to admit that using ganache for the dips instead of candy melts was a bit challenging. It didn’t harden well, it melted. I had to dip them twice… Or thrice. Next time I’ll make these, I’ll definitely go for candy melts.

And the dipping process… It takes practice. I found out that poking the sticks to the balls before coating them with the ganache worked best. Poke, dip and twirl, and set on a cupcake liner filled with colored [candy] vermicelli. That’s it. Oh, and then sprinkle with more colored vermicelli.

The coating experiment was successful with eight pops. I have about 8-10 sitting on my kitchen table – all a mess, waiting to be eaten. I hope I get to them before the ants do. Haha.

I am still testing if they’d set well in room temperature. I hope they do.

For now, let’s feast on them brownie pops.



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