homemade dulce de leche

Ever since I “mastered” the art of making my own dulce de leche, I have not stopped testing recipes with this delicious concoction.

What is dulce de leche anyway? Simply put, it’s sweetened condensed milk hundred times better. One of my guilty pleasures is taking a spoonful of condensed milk and spreading it on top of day-old bread and licking the excess milk from the spoon. Heavenly. Just imagine doing that with dulce de leche. Ooh la la, that’s heavenly ten thousand times over. :)

two cans of pure heaven!

Anyway, how do you make your own dulce de leche? Easy! All you need is a can of good quality sweetened condensed milk and a pot of boiling water.

There are a lot of ways to do it… Here’s a link the most comprehensive guide to making your own:

Homemade Dulce de Leche from Bakers Royale

In the past few weeks, I’ve made a lot of stuff with dulce de leche:

chocolate dulce de leche mini cheesecake

chocolate dulce de leche mini cheesecakes


dulce de leche brownies

chocolate whoopie pies with dulce de leche filling. (Sorry for the crappy Instagram photo!)


soft dinner rolls with dulce de leche filling.

chocolate dulce de leche cupcake.


I have to admit, I’m still not over my dulce de leche craze. Case in point: I’ve made FIVE cans in one week… and only half a can is left sitting in my fridge!

I’m telling you, that thing is pretty addictive!


  1. Oh your pics convinced me na. I've been hearing about this but I'm tamad to try. But we need a new palaman in our breads so might as well try this. Where's the instructions, btw?

    1. Hi Paula! :)

      You really have to try it. The instructions are on the link above, just before the photos :)