26 Wishes for my 26th Year

I’m turning 26 in a few weeks. I feel pretty old. Haha.

For as long as I can remember, wishlists have always been a part of my birthday celebration. If you can ever call it a celebration, that is.

This year, I came up with 26 wishes and I am giving myself until November 30, 2012 to complete them. Such a feat, I know.

26 Wishes 
  1. Fondant tools - cutters, embossers, colors, etcI've been buying at least one fondant tool per order placed. Haha. My collection is growing by the week. :)
  2. 1 year membership in a yoga studio - Bikram, Bliss or Pulse Settled with a monthly membership from Bliss Yoga. (17 Nov 2011)
  3. Yoga Mat from Manduka or lululemon - Bought a "generic" mat in purple(19 Nov 2011)
  4. Workout Clothes - Bought three pairs of colorful sports bra to go with my current "workout" clothes. (19 Nov 2011)
  5. Recipe Box from FAB Manila
  6. Blog Theme Makeover
  7. Brand and Logo Redesign for my budding "business"  -  Finally polished my new logo and brand name. I named it 1017 cupCAkes because the numbers and the letters in capitals are meaningful to me. Preview of the logo here.  (17 April 2012) 
  8. Glass Liquid Measuring CupBought a 1-cup Pyrorey glass measuring cup. (23 Dec 2011)
  9. Stainless Steel / Metal Measuring Cup - Bought a Betty Crocker measuring cup set from Gourdos. (20 Nov 2011)
  10. Cute Cupcake Liners - I realized I could easily get this for myself. I recently got a few packs from Love2Bake a few days ago and I'm planning on hoarding more from Gourdo's. Bahaha.
  11. Eye Makeup Set
  12. A Thicker Mattress - Bought an "orthopedic" mattress, the one that resembles an egg tray, which can fit up to 3 people. (19 Nov 2011)
  13. Storage Solutions - cute boxes and racks
  14. A Mighty 2012 Planner - Finally got my hands on the Moonleaf 2012 planner. (27 Dec 2011)
  15. Cute Plates / Bowls / Table Sets for Food Photos
  16. A KitchenAid Mixer - Semi-crossing this out my list. I'll buy my own via Amazon or Crate and Barrel next year and have it shipped via Johnny Air. Thanks for the tip, Ate Dea! (12 Dec 2011) - I FINALLY GOT MY ARTISAN! (25 Aug 2013)
  17. Ice Cream Maker
  18. Doughnut Pan
  19. Cake Pedestal
  20. Food Processor
  21. A Pair of Brooks Running Shoes
  22. A Cupcake Courier - I was able to score a 16-piece capacity cupcake courier in 2012.
  23. A BIGGER Customer BaseSlowly getting there! Ever since I've "launched" my Facebook page, I have been getting a steady flow of orders. There's always at least one order per week. Thank You, Lord! :) (19 April 2012)
  24. FulfillmentI'm learning to accept the things I cannot change... And constantly reminding myself of the Serenity Prayer.
  25. Contentment - Same as above. :)
  26. PEACE - Slowly getting there, thanks to yoga!
No trips listed as I KNOW for a fact that I’ll go on several (unplanned) trips… which happens every year. Haha.

That’s all, really. I think they’re justifiable and easy on the pocket… Except for the mixer and ice cream maker… and the one-year membership at a Yoga studio (that’s around Php 40,000). But I’m really hoping I’ll get to cross them in 365 days.

If not, there’s still next year and sponsors are always welcome. :)


  1. Hi, Barbie!

    I just replied to your comment over at my blog. I actually have to thank you for reminding me about the cream puffs, because just yesterday I was wondering about how I made the filling, and your note pointed me to the right direction. So, thanks!

    Take care!

  2. Hi Mariel!

    Thanks for the reply (I left another comment, haha). And thanks for the visit! :)