Yoga and the Start of Something New.

Today marked the start of something new in my life.

I decided to attend a yoga class. I've  long wanted to try a formal yoga session, but I guess my reservations got the better of me. A few weeks back, I purchased a voucher for one-week unlimited sessions at around 70% off the market value.

Last week I started practicing sleep yoga to help me sleep better, and to be fair, it did work wonders for me. That was my sign to grab my butt off my bed and head out the door to go to the studio -- even though it's a 20-minute cab ride away from my apartment.

I've never tried yoga before. The closest thing I got to practicing it would probably be my stretching class when I was a freshman in college. I decided to leave my expectations and reservations out the door and just enjoy the experience.

The class was at 7:00 AM, I barely had sleep the night before, but I was up and about before the sun has risen. Yes, I was THAT excited... and scared shitless. ;)

I was the first one to arrive at the studio and then shortly after, the instructor arrived. I was amazed at how friendly and accommodating he was. We went to the same University, he graduated when I was just about to enter college. He also earned his Law degree in the same University. To cut the story short, he quit his law practice and started to focus full time on teaching yoga.

"Wow, you're doing what you love to do." I said.

He replied, "I always thought it's just a Hallmark greeting card -- If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life."

And then we started our session. 75 minutes has never felt so short. I didn't feel tired. I felt rejuvenated. Alive and stress-free.

I felt freedom, this could really be the start of something new.
*** I attended the Yoga Basics class of Marc at Beyond Yoga.


  1. Yoga is the best way to keep us stress free and healthy. I loved your post its too good. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, cool, you go to Beyond Yoga pala! I want to try that out because they have dance classes. I haven't done any other yoga aside from Bikram, maybe I'll try their yoga classes too.

  3. Hi Tidei! I just tried for one week. Their studio is nice naman, well, I can't compare to others cos it's my first time. Hehe. It's kinda far from my place, I'm transferring to Bliss. :)

    And oh, they have Anti-Gravity Yoga, too. :)