7 Random Things

* This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but got caught up with audits work and I can’t finish listing 15 bloggers, haha.

I was just about to start working when I saw a new post from my friend, C, in my Blogger feed. Curious, I clicked on it and thus the reason for this post. Hee.

In the years that I have been blogging this is the first ever blog award I have received. Thank you so much, dearie!

C is currently on a “Happiness Project” and I really envy her for having the guts to start it. I think I’m also well on my way to finding happiness, just that my project isn’t as pronounced as hers. Hehe. Go ahead and stalk her – she has a lot of nifty things to share with you!

So anyway, let’s get on to what this post is all about. Let’s see.

Seven Random Things About Me:
    1. I can’t ride a bike. When I was in second grade, I got into a tiny accident, I lost balance and fell on my bike. I got scratches on my elbows and knees and I never tried getting on a two-wheel bike again. 
    2. I wish I took up a different course in college. I learned too late that I liked Psychology, and until now, I still harbor regrets over my choices back in college. 
    3. I can’t stand desk jobs, but I am in one. I’d rather be on my toes all day, talking and meeting new people than be stuck in front of the computer. 
    4. A day isn’t complete without whipping up something delicious (for me, at least!) in my tiny kitchen. I live to cook and bake! 
    5. I usually can’t tell right from left and vice-versa immediately. It takes me a good five seconds before I can distinguish which is which. Hehe. 
    6. I spent my teenage years (close to 10 years?) up north, where people speak Ilocano, but I still can’t speak and understand a single word. 
    7. I want to work at home and make baking a full-time business!

Spreading the love to 15 of my favorite bloggers:

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    • Write 7 random things about you;
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