Unglorious Eclairs

Last night, I tried to make eclairs and profiteroles.

I wish I could tell you it was a success, but it wasn’t. They deflated the moment I removed them from the oven. At least they didn’t taste egg-y, unlike the last time I made them. They were sweet, just soggy. And the chocolate topping, which was store-bought, was just divine. Can you believe something bought from a shelf can taste so good?

I swear I followed the recipe to a T. Everything looked and felt perfect. Until they came out of the oven!


I know they look fine, but they're missing the crisp texture. So tonight, I’m planning to make another batch, hopefully all the tips and tricks I’ve read online would help me solve my problem.

And if they still don’t come out fine, I’ll make these cinnamon rolls instead. :))

In case you can help me with my problem, do comment and let me know!

Wish me luck!


  1. Okay lang yan! Keep trying! Haha! You remind me of my little sister.. She's been trying to make merengue but it always deflates as soon as she takes it out from the oven.. I'm sure one of these days, she's gonna try to do it again and she won't stop until ma-perfect nya yun. Haha! Happy Valentines dear! ♥

    1. Haha, thanks! :) I will try doing this again. Soon. Sana ma-perfect ko na the next time I try :))

      Happy VDay, Honey! <3