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Our world is full of mystical and magical things. Some may be real; others may be a figment of our imagination. Long before Edward Cullen and Isabella “Bella” Swan became a household name, a lot has already been written about vampires, mystical creatures, and other mythological beings. There have been quite a number of television shows about vampires and storylines like these are not relatively new to the viewing and reading public. There’s Buffy, the Charmed sisters, and let’s include the witch Sabrina.

I am not one of the girls who swooned over Edward Cullen and/or Jacob Black. I am sorry to say that I detested Bella Swan’s damsel-in-distress drama. I had to endure reading Twilight just so I won’t be left out of the gossip mill. But sadly, the story didn’t just entice me as much as it did to others. I am not saying that the story isn’t nice – it would not have such a huge following if Stephenie Meyer wasn’t a good writer. I’m just not drawn to things like these.

Truth be told, I was and never will be a fan of vampire stories, no matter how hot the lead actors are or how great the storyline is. No, I am not trying to form an alliance of vampire haters here. I tried to like the series, I really did, however; it just didn’t appeal to me. This feeling goes for other vampire-laden stories and shows as well. I am not much of a follower of mystical and magical stories, well, except for Harry Potter, maybe.

What about Anne Rice’s popular Vampire Chronicles and other vampire-inspired novels? No, I didn’t read any of them. I haven’t seen any of the books, and I don’t know what the stories are about. What about Lestat de Lioncourt? To be honest, I only knew about him 24 hours ago. According to Google and Wikipedia, he is the narrator and main character of most of the novels in Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles series. I also didn’t know that Tom Cruise played the role in the movie remake of Interview with the Vampire.

So when the Twilight Saga came out in print and in the movies, it’s not a surprise that I didn’t bother lining up at the bookstore to get a hold of my own copy or at the cinema to see it for myself. The most that I did was download e-books for all four novels. They’re still in my e-mail, gathering virtual cobwebs because I just don’t have the heart to finish the rest.

Just this Christmas, HBO aired a Twilight marathon and I had to endure an hour of watching because my brother, who is just a high school freshman, loved the series. I was surprised to hear him belt out line after line, totally in sync with the movie characters – it didn’t matter if it was Bella, Edward, Jacob, or any other character that did the talking. He just knew the storyline so well!

Just tonight, I was able to catch a bit of the series Vampire Diaries, and just the same, it just didn’t catch my fancy. I really don’t know, maybe I’m just not cut out that way – I’m not too fond of fantasy, I’m more into reality.  Give me anything by John Grisham, James Patterson, and Paulo Coelho and I’ll very gladly oblige!

So tell me, am I missing a lot? Humor me, and I might reconsider.

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