on writing, part II

Life sometimes has a funny way of playing things out.

A few days ago, I ranted about how badly I want to write again. The next day I decided to open my Yahoo! mail cos it's been ages since I checked it. I wasn't surprised to see more than a hundred new e-mails from different organizations - nothing very important, they're just newsletters, digests, and all other marketing stuff. I really don't know why I love signing up for updates, I don't even read them. Most of the stuff I get go to the trash without being read. Well, that's the reason I don't open my Yahoo! account.

Anyway, amidst the one-hundred-something emails, I saw one that wasn't worth sending to the trash. It was from Essays.ph informing me that my application has been approved... after, hmmm, 10 months of waiting? Hahaha. I actually forgot that I applied for a home-based freelance writing position with them. I applied in April 2010, it's now February 2011.

I guess it's really true what they say -- "Be careful what you wish for cos you just might get it." I never believed in that saying until recently. There really is power in words, whether spoken or just thought of, it might come true. This is in the same line as the Law of Attraction - our thoughts are just powerful. Yes?

Anyway, as I was saying... I find it funny cos just when I thought my writing is going down the drain, an opportunity to write again presents itself.

Good luck to me. :)


  1. So are you going through with Essays.ph? They pay very little for what is actually a lot of work. I tried. I did about two jobs, not enough for payout, and decided it was too much thinking, writing and rewriting for so little.

    You might want to work with other groups - try Odesk - where the rates are far better.

    or... get your own domain and hook it up with this blog. then you can start signing your blog up for link advertising and sponsored posts. That's still writing :)

  2. thanks, vera! i haven't written anything yet for essays.ph. haha. i've been thinking about getting my own domain, link ads and sponsored posts but... i dont know how to go about it! :(

    care to be my mentor? hehehe