1950's Pan de Sal and The Upside-Down House

I have always been a loyal customer. Whenever I use, buy, or eat something and I like it, I'm bound to tag it as a "keeper" until I find something better. I would also check out other products of the same brand and see if I'd like it just the same.

That's what happened when I first tasted Pan de Amerikana's pan de sal. I swear it's better than Pan de Manila's. I also love their Big Boss Loaf Bread and Pan de Amerikana or Pan de Sal loaf.

I "discovered" 1950's Pan de Sal's St. Ignatius/White Plains branch some time last year and I have been hooked ever since. They transferred to a bigger location late last year, still along White Plains. They now have a cafe, and it's home to the world's first upside-down restaurant.

I'm a witness to the new cafe's construction. I pass by White Plains every morning on my way home. The bakery opened earlier than the cafe, and I have always been curious about the theme. The facade looked like this:

Yes, that's a real Land Rover!
And a bicycle!

My curiosity peaked whenever I pass by in the morning to get my daily dose of pan de sal. I would always see this from the bakery counter:

...an upside-down sala?

I couldn't wait to see more of the cafe/restaurant, and I knew I just had to see everything!

I was never able to visit the restaurant when they first opened and I kind of forgot about it until last week. I decided to have breakfast there last Saturday after work. Their menu boasted of cheap (I know it's a bit condescending to use that term, but affordable wouldn't describe how low their prices are!) Ilocano specialties. Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of the menu, but next time I will. Since it was just breakfast (around 8:00 am), I got myself a plate of longsilog (Vigan longganisa, fried rice and egg):

All for Php 35.00

I think they made their own Vigan longganisa cos there's fresh garlic.
See that garlic bit there?

I was a bit amused with how they fried the egg. How can you
make it into strips but still retain the yolk?

Chicken Arroz Caldo on the side.
One of the tastiest I've tried -- for just Php 30.00

Nice simple breakfast for just around Php 100.00 in a rustic and creative cafe.. Not bad, eh?

The cafe's walls are strewn with really great photos taken by the owner, Jun Dionisio. I could tell that he's a Land Rover fan cos of all the photos with that subject. He also has a mini-Land Rover encased in glass:

And the coolest and most amazing part? The wash room! See for yourself:

I've seen a few wash basins with the same concept, but
this is the most creative one so far...

Path walk leading to the wash area...

The toilet doesn't look like one at all!

It has a floor-length mirror, and look at the walls!

The tissue holder is weird, but a fun way to keep things in order.

The lights and ceiling are lovelovelove! 

An artsy way to decorate walls.
Thanks for the idea! :)
The over-all experience is just superb. I'd give it a 4/5. You guys have to try it out. I've read in Our Awesome Planet that they have another branch in Marikina which is also divine.

With a place as awesome as this, it's really no wonder that they have the best pan de sal. :)


  1. Bet ko ma-experience yan! hahaha. I've heard of the Marikina branch but first time to hear of this one. Thanks for the pictures Barbie! They should give you free pandesal for the free publicity :)

  2. go go go! you wouldn't regret it. :) went to the marikina branch din, it's a haven for artsy people hehe. i'll post the pics soon. :)