running out of things to do.

I don't get it why people have the tendency to complain a lot. I am not excluding myself in the list cos I know very well that I complain and yes, whine a lot.

Take our current situation at the office, for example. Since we're mostly handling HR inquiries via phone, we are required to be logged in and with the headset on. It's been a month since we went "live" and the average number of calls we get in a day would be anywhere between six to thirteen. That's for a normal day. There would be days when we get more than the average, especially during payday, but that wouldn't exceed to 20.

When November kicked in, we prepared ourselves for the barrage of calls that would be coming in since it's Annual Enrollment season. We thought calls would be pouring in, but lo and behold, we're not getting any calls cos of some crazy directive from the client.

Which brings me back to the first paragraph, we complain if there are a lot of calls and we still complain when there are none. We're being paid to wait for calls which are sometimes non-existent. It's like we're being paid to browse and make tambay. Haha.

Thus the title of this post.. I'm literally running out of things to do, stuff to look for on the web, and thoughts to write on my blog.

All I've been doing is look for recipes that interest me and write them on paper. That's how bored I am. If not that, I ogle at paparazzi shots of Hollywood stars, or Google random stuff that come to mind. Haha.

Maybe tomorrow I'll post some of the new information I learn about all because of browsing.

Yes, there's a well and wealth of information on the WorldWideWeb! And I'm loving it. I found out just today that Google houses an online library with snippets or page scans of books.

Take a peek:

The catch, though, is that the books are not complete. These are just page scans, some pages may be omitted due to copyright issues or what not. But it's great, isn't it?

Now I wonder what I'm going to do tomorrow...

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