adrenaline rush.

I was finally able to use my running shoes again, after being stocked up for almost three months.

I kinda forgot how it feels - the adrenaline rushing, catching your breath, sweat running down your skin, all while trying to give myself a pep talk, "If you can't run, just walk, walk until it hurts. Walk until you can't take it anymore."

I did that just an hour ago. While I wanted to walk longer, I had to cut it short and take a detour cos the rainclouds are threatening again and I have laundry hanging out to dry.

But I can still feel the rush, I did not turn on the fan just yet and for cool down, I'm going to start cleaning my place and prolly end this workout with a set of plates.


  1. hahaha !
    you serious?
    serious ka na talaga sa sabot natin ate ?
    na pag uwi mo, dapat pumayat ka nah :))

    il see you soon ..

    still reading some of your blogs ü
    GODBLESS always ..

  2. haha, oo noh. serious ako. sumali nga ako sa Run United eh, 15k. hahahaha.

    i'll see you on feb! :) be good! and study hard! hehehe