new kitchen discovery.

I tried making some chocolate crinkles, but as usual, I failed. Haha. I got the recipe from the Joy of Baking and one of my fave sites, home cooking rocks. But because it didn't turn out well even if I followed everything to the letter. It turned out to be chocolate crinkle cookies instead of the chewy chocolate crinkles it should've been. But hell, they were still yummy. :)

So, to save the batter and stop myself from throwing everything, I tried to put the batter in tart molds and made chocolate crinkle cupcakes instead:

my chocolate crinkle cupcakes :)

Oh well, you can call it a kitchen disaster but for me, it's more of a discovery. It's yummy nonetheless. Hehe.

Next project - Lechon Kawali for lunch at work and choco butterscotch brownies. :)

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