wish list item # 3 and # 4

All I want for my birthday and Christmas are...

electric hand or stand mixer

I found an affordable mixer from Abenson for only Php 798.00. Hmm, not bad eh? 

I want to get one cos I know that the consistency of the batter greatly depends on how well the ingredients have been mixed and blended. I am debating on whether to get an electric hand mixer or to just settle with a manual egg beater which I saw at the grocery. A manual egg beater is so much like an electric mixer except that you need a lot of strength, hahaha.


food processor
I saw a 4-in1 Wimpex Food Processor in Shopwise last week. It was on sale for just Php 1,499.00. It's like the one in the picture, but more boxy. Hmmm..

Can a kind soul give me one of these babies? :)

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