it should've been a cake.

I have promised to bake a cake for myself in celebration of my birthday.

I was supposed to bake Devil's Food Cake or Choco Lava Cake today. Yeah, I'm ambitious. Haha.

I spent the whole day cleaning (kinda) my place and after my weekly visit to the supermarket, I was ready to take on the Cake Challenge.

I started with baking remaining batter for the cheese cupcake and chocolate chip cookies, then started with the Revel Bars I was dying to try. What supposed to be an hour's worth of experiment turned out longer. I have been meaning to buy a hand mixer and have since failed cos the model I wanted is always out of stock. So, to challenge myself, I have bought a manual egg beater, thinking that it's easier than what I'm usually doing. I thought wrong. It was harder! I ended up with a cut on my finger and going back to my more manual beating, creaming, and mixing procedure.

I'd like to think that the Revel Bars turned out to be a success despite the mishaps earlier. I am still cooling the pan on the wire rack and I want to chill it before cutting them into squares. (EDIT: I already cut and wrapped the bars. I can't say it's successful cos I totally missed out the condensed milk! The end result? It's still okay, but not as gooey and yummy had I included the milk. Argh.)

I still want to make a cake, any cake would do. I have the basic ingredients, but I'm too tired. Ahh, frustrating.

Maybe a good night's sleep would do me some good.

*PS: I'll post the picture and recipe of the Revel Bars later -- if it's successful. Hehe.

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