RENT in Manila!!!

I've always loved the play 

Saying that line is like a lie. I haven't actually seen the play itself, I've only seen the movie. No, I keep on watching the movie. I cannot remember how many times I've watched it in the past 4 years. Haha.

Last year's staging.
From Google Images

The play was staged early this year, and unfortunately, I was unable to catch any of the play dates. Just great, eh?

So now, can you just imagine how ecstatic I am when I found out that RENT is going to be re-staged on March 5, 2011?!

I'm like a little girl who just got her first Barbie Doll. Or a little kid who just stepped into the gates of Disneyland. Something like that.

I cannot wait!!!!

More details here - Watch Plays, Embrace Theater (how true).


Update: As of 3:30am, Dec 14, I have finally reserved two seats! Yay!

** Thanks to Google for the images.

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