25th and then some more wish list items.

So yes, I turned 25 today. *gasp!*

How did I spend err am spending it?

Well, I have taken a two-day leave from work (again, haha). I slept the whole day yesterday and when I woke up, I cooked the lunch orders for the people at work. Fish curry with kangkong leaves was on the menu. I didn't know it was such an easy recipe, except for the fact that I had a hard time looking for some of the ingredients. Anyway, I'll remind myself to post the recipe later. :)

I received my birthday cake 10 minutes before the clock struck 12. Hehe. It was a chocolate carrot cake from Homemade Cakes. You know, the bakeshop with a carrot logo? Yes, that one. They actually have one of the yummiest carrot cakes I have ever tasted. I am not a fan of carrot cake, so it's really something when I say that I like their cake. :)

Since I wasn't scheduled to work, I just dropped of the lunches at the office at around 2am last night, or this morning.

I was craving for lechon kawali or crispy pata, so we scouted the Greenhills/Addition Hills area for some open food stops. We ended up eating at Andok's hahaha. To be fair to them, masarap nga naman ang lechon kawali and Bicol Express. :)

When I got home around 3am, I started fixing my cabinet haha. What's up with me? It's my birthday and I was cleaning? Hahaha. Yeah, I had to cos my place is just so cluttered!

It's all better now, but I still have to clean and do the laundry. Argh.

Anyway, since my phone's camera has gone bonkers, I have been thinking of getting a new phone with a decent camera. No, I have given up the hope of getting LG Optimus One. Instead, here's what I want:

Sony Ericsson J10i2 ELM

I want the pink one!

I think this phone would work well for me. And it's just for Php 7,500.00. Whaddyathink?

Or maybe this one:

Alcatel OT-980 Omni

Although I'm not a fan of QWERTY phones, but it has pretty good specs and it's just around Php 10,000.00. But if that's the case, then I'll prolly get the LG Optimus One instead. Haha, fickle-minded me.

Yung Elm na nga lang!


That's about it for now. I have to go to the kitchen and start baking goodies for my sibs! :)

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